Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish sidelined with flu-like illness

Yu Darvish - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images)
Yu Darvish - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish had a cough and didn’t want to take it into the clubhouse. He later tweeted ‘no fever, no flu.’

Thank God. The Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish had a cough. He was admitted for ‘flu-like illness,’ but later tweeted he did not have ‘no fever, no flu.’ I’ll agree, with the coronavirus going around? I get worried. But he was fine, and he’s likely to make a ‘quick return.’ 

He was scheduled to pitch against his former team, the Texas Rangers, but he didn’t make the start. He held off because he didn’t want to put his team at risk. David Ross said this about Darvish.

"“We’re taking precautions, especially with all the stuff that’s going around,” Ross said in a posting on the MLB website. “We’re making sure that we get these guys hydrated and feeling good.More from Cubbies CribCubs: P.J. Higgins deserves to be in the lineup on a daily basisCubs might start to limit Justin Steele’s workload soonCubs: Adrian Sampson is forcing his way into the conversationProjecting the Chicago Cubs bullpen to open the 2023 seasonCubs fans are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel"

For the 33-year old Japanese pitcher, that’s good news. And at least it’s not the coronavirus. And in his homeland? One thousand twenty-three cases, which 706 are from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.  It’s a sobering reminder of what is going on in this world.  And it may not be as dramatic as it should be.

Darvish threw two innings in his debut, walking zero and striking out three with one run allowed. Ross added that he might belong out, which will affect him.

"“It all obviously depends on how many days he may be out and how he feels when he gets back out here,” Ross said. “We’ve got to listen to our bodies, especially this time of year and make sure we don’t push somebody when they’re either dehydrated, or make sure they’re feeling well and able to get the most out of them.” Next: Miller trying to make the most of it"

He’s under the weather, but he’ll make it. Darvish finished the first-half awful. But in the second half, he finished with a SO/W ratio of 16.86, well above his 2.27 in the first half. He didn’t have the best finishing 4-4. But that’s life.