Chicago Cubs: Top 3 new Marquee-tech we’d love to see

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: It’s time for Contreras-Cam

If MSN is already considering an ‘El Mago-Cam’ and pitchers already have a pretty good cam on them during games, then what else could MSN do to make the game a little more fun. The number two newest Marquee-tech that’s we’d love to see is the Contreras-Cam. Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras sees it all.

Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs /

Chicago Cubs

Contreras sees the pitch, the runner, the steal, the tag and is the only player that faces the opposite way from the rest of the team during a game. In that respect, Contreras has a particular vantage point that no else does during a game.

What if Marquee put a tiny camera in the face mask of Contreras? That little camera would pick up everything happening on the field, including the pitch. The camera would serve as a second set of eyes for crazy balls until MLB fully implements the electronic strike zone, but it would do so much more than that, just like Contreras.

The camera would give us a look at the throwdown first baseline to Rizzo or seeing the ball coming in from the outfield for the defensive plays at home. The camera would show us the opposing team player’s steal attempts and Contreras’ lightning-quick reflexes in throwing that runner out at second base.

The only thing you’re not going to get in the Contreras-Cam is everything that happens once he throws that mask off his head, like when he’s tracking a pop-up fly ball behind home plate. The first thing Contreras does is throw his mask off on the ground, which isn’t a must-see TV although the flip and crash might be interesting to see.

Adding a Contreras-Cam would certainly bring another vantage point to fans and add to the cool tech Marquee has for games. The best tech addition for Wrigley Field shows fans brutal pain, up close.