Chicago Cubs: Top 3 new Marquee-tech we’d love to see

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The Chicago Cubs new Marquee Sports Network has been bold in trying new tech during spring training games. Here are some ideas for new Marquee-tech that could make it fun.

Recently ESPN mic’d up Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo and third baseman Kris Bryant while bringing in new and old Cubs managers David Ross and Joe Maddon, respectively. It was terrific interplay and insight with Rizzo practically auditioning for his next gig in broadcasting-right on the field during the game. As soon as it ran on ESPN, it was a hit and another step forward in technology, bringing us ever closer to the game of baseball.

Marquee Sports Network (MSN) has picked up on this little bit of fan tech love and is trying to expand the boundaries. Recently MSN introduced a spring training camera embedded on the field dedicated to Cubs All-star shortstop Javier Baez. Who else would be more deserving of such an honor but ‘El Mago’ himself?

The ‘El Mago-Cam’ is supposed to pick-up the high-stylistics of the Cubs shortstop magician according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune who recently spoke with MSN general manager Mike McCarthy:

"“It was done at the All-Star Game, and the league has allowed us to do some experimenting here,” Marquee general manager Mike McCarthy said at Sloan Park. “That’s a great thing about spring training and doing all these games — we’re able to try things… This camera speaks for itself. It’s very cool,” McCarthy said. “And the Cubs have been so open to experimenting.”"

MSN is a new regional sports networking program, so they are pretty much game to try new things and to push the boundaries for good Cubs-TV. This experimentation television means better games and fun for the fans, and according to the players like Rizzo and Bryant, more fun for the players as well.

So what kinds of new tech or cameras ideas could bring the Cubs closer to their fans or the fans closer to the Cubs? What are the top three coolest tech ideas that MSN and the Cubs should consider?

This is going to be fun.