Cubs Rumors: Ben Zobrist makes guest appearance at camp

Ben Zobrist - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Ben Zobrist - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images) /

Cubs Rumors: Ben Zobrist made a surprise appearance at camp. But David Ross dispelled all the rumors why he was there.

The Chicago Cubs’ Ben Zobrist is back! Okay, not so much ‘back.’ He was a guest instructor and David Ross let that be known. Zobrist showed up at Ross’ at the invitation and got to hang out with John Lackey.

He also got to mingle with Jon Lester and some other pitchers. One difference? He didn’t seem to retire and the end of his contract. Curious? Maybe not. He didn’t retire after his four-year deal. But Ross said he’s taking it in.

"“He’s here just observing, hanging out with the boys,” Ross said. “He’s just taking it in here, being around family. It’s nice to have a World Series MVP in the room floating around. That never hurts anybody.”"

Having a World Series MVP roaming around doesn’t hurt. Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant added this:

"“Maybe he’s trying out,”  Bryant said. “He could still play. He’s 100 percent capable. He’s been doing it for so long. I don’t know his plans.”"

He slashed .358 /.313/.671 with an OPS+ of 77. The OBP was higher, but the SLG was much lower (.313 to .426.) He only had five doubles and one home run. That leads to low slugging. He did have four doubles in the second half and batted .284 (19-for-67) in the second half.

"“Just seeing him now and how relaxed he is makes me happy,” Bryant said."

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To see him now? He could do it. No doubt. He looks the part, and it could happen. But the fact that Jason Kipnis, Nico Hoerner, Robel Garcia and Daniel Descalso populate the depth chart? It seems unlikely. And to be honest, Kipnis seems to the frontrunner.

So he’s ‘out of the running.’ If you believe Ross’ Twitter, which I don’t know if you can believe.