Chicago Cubs Duane Underwood Jr. is due for a big season

Duane Underwood Jr., Chicago Cubs (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Duane Underwood Jr., Chicago Cubs (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs Duane Underwood Jr. is bound for a breakout year. Where it’s at, I don’t know. He’s out of options. Will Underwood Jr. make it here?

I got to admit; the Chicago Cubs Duane Underwood Jr. is poised for a standout season. Point is I don’t know where that’s going to be. See, he’s out of options. So if he doesn’t make with the Cubs, he’s submitted to waivers. Unless he has a horrible mess of things, he going to get picked up.

He made his debut at 23, pitching a four-inning, one-run game.  He took the loss, but he was impressive in his first outing. Drafted under the Theo Epstein regime, he was moved to a reliever as having mixed results.

As of May, in 2019, he had a 6.46 ERA in 47 1/3 innings over10 starts. Once he got shifted to the bullpen? He threw 28 2/3 innings, logging a 2.83 ERA and 36 strikeouts in 19 relief appearances.

"“Honestly, it’s more of a mentality thing than anything,” he said. “I think the aggressiveness of coming in a game late with obviously a scenario where you have to throw up a zero, those situations, they kind of amp you up.” h/t Ryan Davis, Forbes"

The attraction to Underwood Jr. back in 2012? His curveball. But he’s developed his changeup, which is above-average—now paired with the fastball, which can handle 95+ mph. The change is 87+ mph, which is fantastic. Now, if Craig Kimbrel could throw a changeup. 

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The ideal role is a ‘hybrid’ reliever, one where he can link the ‘four’ innings guys or the late reliever to his one to two innings. This would be fitting, but time will tell. As the storylines unfold, Underwood Jr. would be a beautiful piece to the puzzle.

Again, he’s out of options. By running him through waivers, he’s at the ‘mercy of the court.’ And someone will claim him. I stake my life on it.