Chicago Cubs: Five bold predictions for 2020 and beyond

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Chicago Cubs: Ross will eclipse Maddon in managerial fame and legend

This is also saying something as his mentor and predecessor will go down as one of the greatest Cubs managers of all time. Maddon, for all his quirks and how he went out, is the most exceptional Cub manager of most of our lifetimes.

He is the only man living who has steered the ship of a World Champion Cubs team, and he almost single-handedly brought an end to the moniker of “lovable losers.” The Cubs, thanks to Maddon, Epstein (and probably the Ricketts as well), no longer are okay with just existing and giving Chicago fans a place to go and hang out to watch a mediocre ballclub.

Instead, they are a club that has become more like the Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers- bluebloods in MLB with deep pockets to dispel any notion of a “window of contention.” There may still be bumps in the road as with any juggernaut or dynasty, but the Cubs are winners and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. David Ross will not accept anything less.

Which brings me to my last bold prediction: David Ross will eclipse Maddon in terms of status in the Windy City and in Commissioner’s trophies with the Cubs. The first may not be that hard to do, considering Ross is already the most famous back-up catcher in Chicago history. How many others hit a home run in game 7 of the World Series? I’ll wait.

The second part is the best prediction of them all- that Ross will bring another trophy home for the best professional sports team in Chicago in the next couple of years. Maybe not in 2020, but before he’s done, Ross will hoist yet another trophy during a parade through Chicago with his Bryzzo buddies.

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Hope is springing eternal in Mesa as the grass is growing and guys with Cubbie are throwing spherical white balls bears on their jerseys. Let’s hope just a couple of these predictions come true, and we’ll all continue to be happy and hopeful Cub fans well into the Ross regime.