Chicago Cubs: Five things to watch this spring training

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As another baseball season is about to kick off for the Chicago Cubs, there are plenty of things to keep an eye on in the preseason

If you are a Chicago Cubs fan who can watch spring training games on Marquee Sports right now, good for you sincerely. Regardless the Cubs have begun their long journey, which is the 2020 season in Mesa, Arizona. While the roster is pretty similar to the one last year, new boss David Ross is bringing a new attitude and vibe to the club.

There is a lot of “can be,” “might be,” and “I do not know” heading into this season. After missing the postseason last year and little done this offseason, there is skepticism among Cubs followers.

The few moves they have made have been small, which can end up being sneaky good or completely ineffective—giving fans even more feelings of uncertainty. Yet, there is also some glimmer of hope knowing what the team’s core is capable of while being reunited under a familiar leader in Ross. We will get a first small taste of that starting this week.

Spring is not always the best way to gauge how a player will do in the regular season, but it can still give us an idea of where a player stands physically and mentally heading into the year. It is less about stats in spring and more about the old fashion eye test. Ross seems to have certain things he is set on doing while having plenty to figure out as well in Mesa. Here are five ideas for us to watch this spring.