Chicago Cubs: Top 3 Cubs rumors that may be true

Anthony Rizzo / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Anthony Rizzo / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs: Who will be the Cubs 2020 leadoff hitter?

Fans are buzzing because they would love to know what Ross is thinking about the Chicago Cubs candidates for the leadoff hitter spot in 2020? Looking down the Cubs roster, Ross has got more than a handful of veteran and power options to consider for a leadoff hitter.

Some of the obvious choices for the coveted role have been first baseman Anthony Rizzo, centerfielder Albert Almora Jr., or right fielder Jason Heyward. Leadoff hitter rumors have also swirled around outfielder Ian Happ and utility player David Bote as well.

So which rumor has the most truth?

Until yesterday, rumors that Anthony Rizzo would return to the leadoff hitter position were almost assuredly true. Rizzo had said before that it’s not his favorite thing to do, and he prefers to bat third or fourth. But Rizzo said he would be and do whatever the Cubs asked of him to help the team win.

Rizzo knows that he can do it and has the stats to back it up. That doesn’t mean. However, new manager David Ross won’t fan the flames of manipulation to keep opponents off his thought process and sew a little chaos himself like Tim Stebbins reported earlier this month for NBC Sports Chicago Infinity:

"“I’m still gonna look at it. We’ve got some options, just playing things over my head,” Ross said. “Wait to see how some of the at-bats go in spring for sure, see how some of these guys look. I’ve got a couple guys in mind — I’m not ready to publicly announce.”"

This, of course, is part of the trickery, deception folks, as Ross already knew that he was going to name third baseman, Kris Bryant, to the leadoff hitter. Ross is spending a lot of time on Bryant this spring. First, he doesn’t want Bryant to feel alienated on the team like he’s about to be traded out the door.

So why not give Bryant a role that speaks to longevity even though Bryant can still be traded tomorrow? Additionally, Ross has been wondering what he can do to get Bryant to prove himself to his team and the Cubs? Bryant already told the world that he wanted to be a Cub and that he’s never said anything different. Well now Grandpa Ross has an excellent way to prove that’s true and show everyone that Bryant’s all-Cub; make Bryant the leadoff hitter as ESPN’s Jesse Rogers reported Ross as saying:

"“That was part of the conversation we had,” Ross said. “This is a commitment on his part. It’s really easy to change the lineup in my seat, but I think that screams panic when you start to change all that. This is one of the best players in baseball, and how he goes about his business I want representing our team night in and night out. He’s on board with that.”"

What about Rizzo?

Rizzo will bat right behind Bryant in the second spot. Rizzo has proven that in 58 games and 244 plate appearances as the Cubs first weapon (leadoff hitter), Rizzo has a .335/.426/.602 slash line with 14 dingers.

So he is well capable of batting first, second, or in any spot Ross wants him.  All those rumors floating around about the leadoff hitter being undecided are pretty much hogwash. Bryant will be back in 2020, smashing the ball around Wrigley Field and ballparks across the U.S. as the Chicago Cubs leadoff hitter.

What does this mean when some of the biggest rumors are still circling around Cubs third baseman, Kris Bryant, and getting traded?