Chicago Cubs: Jed Hoyer says team has the players to return to October

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 The Chicago Cubs Jed Hoyer believes it. ‘I know we can get more out of our talent.’ Is he right?

The Chicago Cubs Jed Hoyer says they can get more from the roster. Albert Almora, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester and more are left from the World Series. There’s talent there. They need to come together and unite, and that means less versatility.

Hoyer said they could suffer ‘less versatility.’  David Ross could create his style, leaving Joe Maddon behind. Which, to be honest, this would be a breath of fresh air even though he was successful for four out of five years. Hoyer said this:

"“In that regard, we might see a little less moving around the diamond with guys, less versatility. That’s Joe’s style, and it worked well for us. David will have to create his own style.” h/t Mark Gonzalez, Chicago Tribune"

The Cubs didn’t add many players this offseason. Jason Kipnis was the most significant roster addition–and he was horrible last season. Although they dropped hints all offseason, they were just hints. Rumors,  if you’d like.

Bryant was ‘rumored’ to be moving. Mainly with Mookie Betts traded. Once Betts went to Los Angeles, he was gone. In theory. But Ross had other plans, including sticking him at the top of the lineup. Ross says he’s his best player. You can’t deny that, and Hoyer believes their not an 84 win team.

"“Do I think we’re an 84-win team from a talent standpoint last year? No,” Hoyer said. “There’s more in the tank. We have to play cleaner baseball, and I do think our bullpen struggled in high leverage situations. If that doesn’t clean up, that will be a challenge.“This team is more talented than an 84-win team. But we are who we are.”"

We are who we are. That’s the typical ‘GM speak.’ But Hoyer understands that they weren’t perfect. From allowing solo home runs to the bullpen blowing a lead–it wasn’t good. And Hoyer knows it.

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So that’s the goal. Go out there and win 95+ games. Ross is more than capable of doing it. Don’t doubt him. Aaron Boone had a successful first year with the New York Yankees. So why can’t Ross? He had no managerial experience.