Cubs Rumors: Bryce Harper’s take on the Phillies potientally trading for Kris Bryant

Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant made it clear he wants to stay in Chicago

Bryant, 28 addressed many issues in the thirty-plus minutes he spent talking to the media on Saturday. Everything from the Astros’ cheating scandal to his service time grievance case was covered. The biggest takeaway from all of what Bryant said is that he still wants to stay with the Cubs organization despite all he has been through with them. 

The third baseman made sure to note that he isn’t holding anything against the organization as a whole, and he is thankful for all that the Chicago Cubs have done for him and his family. Here’s what Bryant told the collective media, including Sahadev Sharma of The Athletic (subscription required): 

"“The only person whose opinion matters here is mine,” Bryant said. “Right here in front of the microphone, I’m telling you guys there’s no hard feelings whatsoever. I completely respect this organization and everything they’ve done for me and my family. They’ve given me an opportunity to play the game that I love every single day.”"

By saying this, Bryant proved himself to be composed and professional. With this, the ongoing conversation segwayed into discussing the abundant trade rumors surrounding Bryant and the different teams he could end up with. However, Bryant is going into the 2020 season preparing for the regular season as if he’ll be a member of the Cubs. Sharma also noted:

"I’ve always had the stance that, yes, I want to play here. I love the city,” Bryant said. “The biggest thing with the trade rumors that have disappointed me is I feel like people, not everybody, but the main reasoning behind it is: Let’s get rid of him now because he doesn’t want to be here in two years. He turned down this monster extension ‘well north of $200 million.’ And I’m like, ‘Where was that? I never saw that.’”"

After hearing this, it seems clear that Bryant wants to play baseball on the north side of Chicago. Going back to the idea of the Philadelphia Phillies exploring a trade to reunite Kris Bryant with his buddy Bryce Harper, it seems as if Bryant isn’t on board, and neither is Harper.