Cubs Rumors: Bryce Harper’s take on the Phillies potientally trading for Kris Bryant

Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs and Bryce Harper (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

Cubs Rumors: Bryce Harper discussed why he isn’t in favor of the Philadelphia Phillies potentially trading for Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant.

It is no secret that trade talks surrounding Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant had run rampant over the past few months, especially since late January when Bryant’s service time grievances were finally resolved. Bryant lost the case, meaning he will become a free agent in 2021, and as a result, his current trade value has skyrocketed.

The fact that Spring Training games will be underway within the blink of an eye, and the regular season is just a little over a month away, is almost unfathomable. While it’s been quite a while since play and it’s about time that baseball is back, this also means that there is little time left for the Chicago Cubs to make some noise during this quiet off-season. Yet, one of the most significant ways the Cubs could still leave their mark on the 2019-2020 off-season would be by trading Kris Bryant.

There have been a few teams at the forefront of the infamous Kris Bryant trade rumors, and one of the most notable is the Philadelphia Phillies. Bryant landing in the City of Brotherly Love would unite him and fellow Las Vegas native and longtime friend Bryce Harper, but this would not be the first time this idea was mentioned.

Back in the 2018 season, rumors were flooding the idea that Bryce Harper would join Bryant on the Chicago Cubs. Here in 2020, with Bryant on the table as a trade piece, and entering free agency in 2021, this idea isn’t super far fetched. However, during their respective press conferences after arriving at their spring training sites, in Mesa, Arizona, and Clearwater, Florida, both Harper and Bryant addressed many different things. Most notably, they discussed trade rumors.