Chicago Cubs: Josue Huma is playing above his age curve

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have a plethora of young talent in the farm system. One guy, in particular, is just 19 years old and is playing above his age curve.

It can sometimes be a struggle diving into the depths of the Chicago Cubs minor league pipeline, but through the sludge, sometimes you find a treasure. In this case, that gem is a teenager who has made his way to Short Season Class-A Eugene, switch-hitting infielder Josue Huma.

Huma signed with Chicago as part of their 2016 international class and has now spent three seasons with the organization. How he has improved in his three years, beginning at rookie ball and reaching Low-A, is a promising journey in its own right.

The quick-handed Huma has made great strides since signing almost four years ago. Knowing what the promise of the future holds with their top prospects, it is a relaxing thought in realizing there is still a ton more talent that the eye lends credit.