Chicago Cubs sign Ryan Dempster to a talk-show host

Sean Casey, Ryan Dempster - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jim Bennett/Getty Images)
Sean Casey, Ryan Dempster - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jim Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs inked Ryan Dempster to a talk-show contract. Called ‘Off the mound with Ryan Dempster’, is set for debut in April with repeats during the first Cactus League game.

The Chicago Cubs Ryan Dempster got his way. Called ‘Off the mound with Ryan Dempster,’ he will get into his late-night talk show host persona. Similar to what he does at the Cubs Convention, he will carry on the tradition by extending his company.

The former pitcher came up with the idea because his creative thought was ‘tugging at him.’ Admittedly, he wanted to be more creative in the comedy world. And he thought, ‘Hey? Why not?’

"“I wanted the opportunity to expand on a possible comedy career,” he said."

The Cubs are still trying to negotiate with Comcast Xfinity, the largest carrier in the Chicago area. They have hooked up with a streaming service, Hulu. Chicagoans can get it for a price, but they will be able to watch the games. And I have to admit, Hulu isn’t very expensive. And I have cancer.

Back to Dempster. Aside from serving from a  part-time analyst for the Cubs, continue his job for MLB Network, as well as Cubs president Theo Epstein’s special assistant? It’s more than just a hobby.

"“I love the game of baseball and I love talking baseball, but if this ‘Off the Mound’ thing goes well, I’d like to continue to pursue that as much as I can and have fun with it,” he said. “I put my work in. I do stand-up sets around the city, and in New York and in New Jersey and here in Scottsdale."

It’s true. Dempster would probably give it up for a career in comedy. He probably would keep the ‘special assistant,’ but that’s it. And it’s not like Epstein’s paying him anyway. He’s got three jobs. He’s fine.

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He’s been taking classes at Improv Olympic for two years and likes to follow his idol, Johnny Carson. Only he’d be interviewing baseball players instead of comedians.

But he’s been featured in many network segments, including ‘Daytime with Dempster.’  He created ‘Expos Superfan,’ Steve Boxwater. Yep. He’s a comedic genius.