Cubs: Jesse Rogers sits down with Jed Hoyer for a Q & A

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Chicago Cubs: Happy trails, Castellanos and Strop!

And finally, Rogers asked about Nicholas Castellanos and Pedro Strop headed to the Reds.

"Yeah, I talked to Nick this week for a long time. We had a really good conversation. I admire what he did. In two months with the Cubs he became a fan favorite. When you barrel three balls a night you become a fan favorite. He played with so much passion. Other than the 18 games against us, I wish him the best. Stropy is one of my favorite players I’ve ever been around. Win or lose, he came in with a smile on his face. He brought energy every single day and he was always accountable. If you look at what he did, he was one of the best relievers in baseball for six years. Sometimes he was underappreciated, and as an organization we think there is no way we have the success we had during his tenure [without him]."

Castellanos was a blessing. He carried the Cubs for quite a while. Two months, actually. And he was better than good. It’s just said that the Cubs were shackled by money, and the Reds had it to spend.

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And to be honest? I liked Strop. Sometimes he got a bit wild, and I know that. But he was a reliable reliever and the best we had. We’ll miss him and Castellanos, but it’s time to move on.

That was just a sample of the sit-down. If you want the full interview, click here. Hoyer held his cards close to the chest, and I get that. You can’t reveal your plans. Are the Cubs ticketed to make a trade? Who knows. But I have to say no. Minor moves, minor deals.