Cubs: Jesse Rogers sits down with Jed Hoyer for a Q & A

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The Chicago Cubs and Jesse Rogers sat down with Jed Hoyer to answer some questions about the upcoming season. He even answered a Tom Brady question.

The Chicago Cubs and Jed Hoyer sat down with Jesse Rogers and answered questions about Tom Brady, the upcoming baseball and more. These were standard answers, but Hoyer can’t be faulted. There are logical things to say, and he said them. Let’s get into it.

He was asked where Brady is going to play next season.  ‘My heart is hoping it’s the Patriots, but my head says it will be elsewhere. I hope it’s one or two more years there, but reading the tea leaves, it might go another way.’ Hoyer said.

It seems like its time. Brady has been with the New England Patriots for his entire career. From the chunky kid to his chiseled frame, its time for him to move on from the Patriots. Even though I can’t picture with a different helmet. Much the way I felt about Brett Favre.