Chicago Cubs: Five trades that could have created a dynasty

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Chicago Cubs: Love him or hate him, he would have made the Cubs better

The scary part about many of the trades you’re going to read about in the next few minutes is that they were all possible for the Cubs. In all cases, the guys targeted here were guys the Cubs either did pursue or could have pursued with relative ease. In some cases, the desire wasn’t strong enough, in others the trade would have been difficult to swing with prospects or MLB players. Still, in others, it was just a question of money. Sound like anything you’ve heard the last couple offseasons? Yea… thought so.

First off in our potential trades that could have been is a guy who became a 2017 World Champion during the Cubs victory lap tour that has since become known as a serious World Series hangover. Funny enough, this is a guy the Cubs were supposedly interested in at the trade deadline. Guess why he didn’t come to the Cubs? I’ll even give you three guesses…

Money. Money. More money. Justin Verlander made too much money. While his new club has been a bit tarnished of late, Verlander supposedly liked the idea of being traded to the Cubs rather than the Astros in August 2017. It was reported that Verlander was willing to drop his no-trade clause and held out on his clause as long as possible on the Astros deal to try to wait out the Cubs. Jed Hoyer says the Cubs were never that close, but oh boy does he regret it in hindsight.