Chicago Cubs: An early look at the team’s outfield situation

Ian Happ, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Ian Happ, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Expect platoons more often than not

Right now your top three outfielders from left to right are: Schwarber, Happ, Heyward.

With the addition of Souza, who is primarily a right fielder, the outfield will look different on select days. This is an opportunity to platoon lefty/right based on matchup seeing as Souza is a righty and Heyward is a lefty. Heyward can also slide into center to allow him to be in the lineup and either Souza or Bryant to play right.

As for Schwarber, he will either be in left field or on the bench. While Happ is likely going to play more center than any other position but he can also play left. If Schwarber is on the bench and Happ is in left, then Heyward and/or Almora (if he makes the roster) can take over in center. Happ can play right, but with Heyward, Souza and Bryant on the roster then he is going to be mostly center and left.

Here are some possible combinations:

  • Schwarber (LF), Happ (CF), Heyward (RF)
  • Schwarber (LF), Heyward (CF), Souza (RF)
  • Schwarber (LF), Happ (CF), Souza (RF)
  • Schwarber (LF), Happ (CF), Bryant (RF)
  • Happ (LF), Almora (CF), Bryant (RF)
  • Happ (LF), Heyward (CF), Souza (RF)
  • Happ (LF), Almora (CF), Souza (RF)
  • Happ (LF), Almora (CF), Heyward (RF)

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There are going to be a lot of questions going into the season with the outfield. Will Happ take that next step? Does Almora have a season which redeems the previous one? How will Souza bounce back from major injury? Certainly does not seem as stable as the infield does right now which only has one real question which is second base.