Chicago Cubs: The electronic strike zone is coming to baseball

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Where would we be without technology in baseball?

Technology helped the game take a huge lead forward when games became televised. Of course, WGN brought the Chicago Cubs to the entire country – helping the organization develop a global fan base.

More recently, technology struck again with instant replay and managerial reviews. However, the line was always drawn among baseball traditionalists that balls and strikes are called by a “human” umpire.

Now technology is about to invade that ‘untouchable’ aspect of the game, the umpire’s sanctum. In less than thirty days, the first Cubs Spring Training games will begin at Sloan Park in Mesa.  Running in the background similar to last season, the electronic strike zone will be calling the pitch independently without any consequence to the game.

While those around MLB try to downplay the automated balls-and-strikes software and say the technology is a few years away; I keep thinking about how convinced it seemed like Manfred was, saying the ESZ was coming this spring. If that day does, indeed, come soon – how will it work? What will the umpire’s role be and how will it be implemented?