Chicago Cubs: Five potential trades to make with the National League West

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Chicago Cubs: Another veteran lefty wouldn’t be so bad, right?

Knowing exactly what the Dbacks would want in return and where they see themselves going after signing Madison Bumgarner and Kole Calhoun this offseason would help, but we don’t currently have access to that inside information. I do know that if these guys aren’t on the table now, they’re exactly the kind of pieces the Cubs could add at the deadline should they be in contention and the Dbacks floundering.

As it stands, if the Dbacks are willing to move them for present and future considerations, maybe a Zack Short, Ian Happ, Adbert Alzolay deal makes sense. It gives the Dbacks control over three guys who could step into spots this year or next for several years down the road. It gives the Cubs one year of three quality MLB guys to get them through this season and allows them flexibility to make decisions based on finances and performance next offseason.

If the Dbacks are in win-now mode, which is what their offseason moves would signal to most, perhaps there’s a way to make Kris Bryant and Jason Hewyard’s money disappear from the Cubs books for this season and the future. This route might include some prospects coming back in addition to the three Dbacks already named, or it might just include the taking-on of over $120 million in contracts (over the next four years between Bryant and Heyward). Whichever way it would go, both teams would certainly see some change and it would send a signal to the clubhouse that they’re trying to win.