Chicago Cubs: Done with arbitration, Theo Epstein is ready to strike

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: What would a trade look like

So, if the Cubs trade a piece from their core I guarantee you they will get back, from somewhere, a player to replace that core piece.  What they will not do is trade a piece from their core for a handful of magic bean prospects.

There is much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth that the Cubs didn’t make a big splash at the Winter Meetings, that the ongoing Bryant service time grievance is messing up trade opportunities, or that by trading from the core it will ruin the team.  Epstein has shown in two key cases that all this angst is unnecessary.

I fully expect a deal, most likely at the trade deadline because a deal then makes the most sense.  The Cubs will know better where improvement is most needed, teams on the cusp of competing will be looking to improve, and rebuilding teams will have assets available.

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The bottom line is that there are months to make an impactful deal, a deal that makes the Cubs better in 2020 and beyond, and yes, no one is untouchable.  Just ask Nomar and Manny.