Chicago Cubs: What we know about Cubs Spring Training 2020

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Chicago Cubs
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Spring Training is right around the corner. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up for the Chicago Cubs as they get ready to report to camp under a new manager.

I was shopping on Christmas Eve for some last minute Chicago Cubs stocking-stuffers for my kids and couldn’t help but notice that stores were already putting out the goods for one of my favorite holidays – Valentine’s Day.

It’s one of my favorites because it reminds me that America’s favorite pastime is about to start again and the team I love best is about to show up for work in Mesa, Arizona for Spring Training.

Some folks want to get right into the season and think this time of year should be cut back or start later, but I disagree. My rationale couldn’t be explained any better than what wrote recently  about Spring Training 2020 on their website: 

"Spring Training, though nearly as old as the game itself, remains a novel adventure. Unparalleled player access, intimate ballparks with distinct personalities, and up-close encounters with veteran stars and blossoming prospects alike make it truly a unique baseball experience. The sights, sounds and smells of spring arrive just in time for fans emerging from the cold and quiet winter. Many who have been there describe it as the best sports has to offer, the embodiment of the hope and promise of a new season."

Wow! Powerful stuff from for fans of baseball. It certainly can make Cubs fans a little teary-eyed when anyone begins talking about baseball hope and promise; both terms are very near and dear any fan’s heart. Maybe that’s the reason it is special for me.

Chicago been pulling at all the wrong heart strings of fans throughout the offseason.  They’re wondering about new manager David Ross getting last minute crib-notes together from across baseball on how to manage a team or the front office’s lack of enthusiasm for top free agents.

On top of all this drama during the off season and through the winter meetings let’s sprinkle on a little uncertainty of the future with Kris Bryant’s grievance hearing still unsettled. Then there have been the doomsayers who predict we will lose all our good players for nominal return, just so ownership can come up with some cash.

This is just the offseason folks. It’s been frustrating – so let’s look ahead to when hope springs eternal: Spring Training.