Chicago Cubs: Ranking the top five greatest Anthony Rizzo moments

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4. Lefty-lefty crime off of Hader – CHC @ MIL, 2018

Yet another moment that took place against the Brewers and an iconic one at that. One of the biggest knocks against Rizzo in his career is that he isn’t the greatest against fellow left-handers. This made it all the more shocking when he rocked lefty super reliever Josh Hader for a two-run bomb in the late innings of a game in 2018.

Yeah, the Chicago Cubs ultimately lost this game, but the moment hit like a ton of bricks nonetheless. Prior to Rizzo’s blast, Hader hadn’t been taken deep by a lefty that year, making the home run even more shocking when it happened. Even ignoring his dominance against lefties, Hader recorded video game numbers in general in 2018, posting a devastating 0.811 WHIP and 15.8 K/9.

Had the Cubs won this game, this moment would have certainly gotten more attention. Beating Hader is an accomplishment already, but as a lefty it is nigh impossible. The comeback, no doubt, would have been considered legendary.

There might be other more important moments in Rizzo’s career, but I still remember the shock I felt when it happened and I always bring this up as one of my favorite moments from the 2018 season. It’s more of a symbolic moment than anything, but it still gives me chills when I remember watching it live.