Chicago Cubs: Latest Kris Bryant trade rumors are laugh out loud funny

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Chicago Cubs
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It remains no secret to most every baseball fan with a pulse the rumors surrounding Kris Bryant and his future with the Chicago Cubs. As the chatter grows, one east coast sports media figure came to the table with his idea of a deal centered around the former MVP and, boy, is it bad.

Say it with me: the Cubs should not trade Kris Bryant, the Cubs should not trade Kris Bryant, the Cubs should not trade Kris Bryant. Like Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ maybe just maybe if we say that phrase three times and click our heels together, it is likely to come true.

Theo Epstein and the Cubs all of a sudden find themselves in a strange vortex, like an asteroid off course with no control, hurtling towards the sun. Financially the team is in complete disarray. Owner Tom Ricketts continues to preach to the notion that the Cubs have no money. In what became a second straight year with a robust free-agent class, Chicago has sat idly by, doing very little to this point.

Rumors have abounded now for weeks at the future of the club’s core. Most notably, it has encapsulated Bryant like the earth revolving around the sun. Trade talks have been aplenty, and while specific teams make sense as a trade partner for Bryant’s services, the latest and greatest offer is hilariously lousy.