Chicago Cubs: I’m not buying the latest Nicholas Castellanos rumors

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Chicago Cubs: With time, the team’s chances may improve

Let’s circle back to that report from Murphy. So if a month ago, he was told the Cubs had talked with Castellanos and there was mutual interest in a reunion, fine. I have no doubt that’s probably the case. But there’s no way the outfielder is going to leave a massive deal on the table while waiting.

So many things would have to go just right for any type of reunion to play out. Chicago would have to unload a pretty significant amount of payroll, first and foremost. Again, the team needs multiple relievers and probably a starting pitcher. Not to mention some bench pieces and a second baseman.

If, though, by a stroke of luck, Castellanos does come back, things might be even more complicated. Where does he fit? He’d play right field, which is currently occupied by Heyward – a five-time Gold Glove winner. Heyward would, at least in theory, slide over to center where he’s an adequate defender, but hardly the guy he is in right.

Maybe first-year manager David Ross would be able to make that work, though. If a team like the Giants doesn’t swoop in with a big offer in the coming weeks and the Cubs manage to do something drastic like trading Bryant and clearing payroll, there just might be enough reason to be optimistic.

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At this point, though, there’s no reason to expect he’ll remain on the open market. He’s one of the best offensive players available at this point and there are countless teams looking for an upgrade in the outfield. I can’t help but cling desperately to a long-shot hope that at some point later this offseason, my phone will blow up with the news of Nicholas Castellanos back on the North Side.