Cubs and the top 3 gifts David Ross wants from Santa

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Yes. It’s that magical time of year when anything is possible. What might new Chicago Cubs manager David Ross desire from Santa Claus this holiday season?

There’s nothing like Christmas in downtown Chicago. Folks are bustling along with their packages, hopefully, some Chicago Cubs gifts! They are stopping in coffee shops and restaurants to get warm, sipping that hot chocolate and talking about the holidays and the new year.

We used to nag our parents during these downtown shopping outings to go to JC Penny’s to see Santa Claus. The JC Santa would be almost on a thrown and kids would line up past the escalators and through the shoe department to see him and make their wish. Santa always heard at least once, but if we were lucky, we could sometimes give Santa our top three.

For new Chicago Cubs Skipper, David Ross, the list of Christmas wishes for his team and upcoming season is probably more than a hundred. However, what are the top three gifts David Ross is asking Santa for this holiday season?

3. Beat Maddon

The number three wish Ross has for Santa is to beat Joe Maddon when their teams meet. Just because the old medicine peddler has left the friendly confines doesn’t mean he isn’t a threat, and Ross will have to be ready for the old trickster if they meet on the field.

Every new and up and coming coach wants to beat their mentor, respectfully, on the field. But was Maddon Ross’ mentor? Ross surely picked up a few things from Maddon as a player, primarily how he handled the infield and pitching. So it will be interesting to see how the two manager’s teams approach each other next season.

Maddon came right out and set the challenge on his first day as the new Los Angeles Angels skipper; his ultimate pipe dream would be to face the Chicago Cubs in the World Series and beat them.

While Ross has plenty of ‘work” to do before he starts worrying about Joe Maddon and a long road to the World Series, don’t think that beating “Broad Street Joe” isn’t his ultimate wish – when the teams and skippers meet again.