Chicago Cubs: What could happen at this year’s Winter Meetings

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Chicago Cubs
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The front office knows the team is full of holes on the current roster. What can we expect during this year’s GM Winter Meetings for the Chicago Cubs?

Theo Epstein and other Chicago Cubs executives are gearing up to head to San Diego for the annual Winter Meetings this weekend. This is typically the time when rumors really start to heat up, bigger moves begin to be made and the direction of a team in the upcoming season becomes more defined. This year’s gathering of baseball executives see the Cubs in an odd spot.

It is incredibly unlikely, next to impossible really, that big free agent moves a-la Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon or Stephen Strasburg will be discussed. However that does not mean significant moves cannot be made. There are tons of rumors swirling around already regarding core players on the roster being dealt this winter, and the stove could very well heat up whether moves are made or discussions intensify. This is obviously just one of the many possibilities that can happen.

It is hard to believe that the Cubs will do absolutely nothing in these meetings. They know what position they are in and that they are going to have their work cut out for them to move forward both in 2020 and beyond. What can Cubs fans suspect or have strong feelings about regarding to what will happen during this year’s Winter Meetings? Here are a few strong possibilities.