Chicago Cubs are starting to look around for someone to trade

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Cubs are starting to get ‘giddy’ wanting to trade anyone whether its Willson Contreras, Daniel Descalso, or even Jason Heyward–the Cubs are looking to trade anyone.

The Chicago Cubs are looking to trade someone, anyone in this matter. They’re looking at trading Willson Contreras, Daniel Descalso or even Jason Heyward, who is unlikely to be dealt. These are the guys that ‘are likely’ to be traded, but Contreras seems more of as an option.

But note this. The Cubs acquired Craig Driver to replace Brian Butterfield, who took over the job in Los Angeles. Driver is hoping to head the Cubs–Contreras and Victor Caratini–is going to ‘improve on some weaknesses, now is the time.’ And it’s not Mike Borzello or Driver, Matt Napoli or David Ross. It’s a conglomeration of every catcher on that staff.

So Driver can be the ‘pitch-framing’ guy, that other the catchers see fit do as you do. Driver can be that pitch framer and Borzello, Napoli and Ross can work can whatever they want. Ross has been the catalyst in it. So Borzello and Napoli will be key to the catching.

The other note is they want to trade Anthony Rizzo. Look, I know what they’re doing. But they shouldn’t be doing it. It’s bad practice. Rizzo should get a long-term deal, but when you talk about it? It’s going to get worse before it gets better, I can promise you that.

So it’s going to be the mass of ‘catchers’ that dictate this staff. Ross and the rest of the team could be good for it, especially pitch framing. That and location we’ll be critical as Caratini and Contreras–if not traded–will be lucky they have them.

If they do trade anyone, it’ll likely be Contreras. He’s valuable, and to be honest? Caratini and Miguel Amaya won’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt having an extra catcher down there for times like these. It’s Advanced A, but I’m sure he can come up and learn the ropes.

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To be honest, I’ll miss Contreras, I really will. But somebody needs to make a move and it will likely be Contreras. Now, Taylor Davis is with the Iowa Cubs, and it doesn’t matter if he comes up. But would you like it if he was there one out of five times? I certainly wouldn’t.

So to be clear, Rizzo isn’t going to demand a trade. Heck, Contreras probably wouldn’t…but he’s likely to be the odd man out. That just the way it is.