Chicago Cubs: Dallas Keuchel should be a rotation target

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Does Theo go for it?

The Cubs are all but out on the likes of Cole, Strasburg and Wheeler. The next best consolation prize is Keuchel and Chicago and Theo Epstein should treat him as such. Keuchel held out last season until June in hopes of a long-term deal. It did not happen, and the lefty had to settle for a one-year contract with the Atlanta Braves.

MLB Trade Rumors predicts the Chicago White Sox as the landing spot for Keuchel on a three-year, $39 million contract. It would put the AAV of the deal right at $13 million. Precisely the number Keuchel received from the Braves last summer.

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If Epstein and ownership can figure a way to the table and present a two-year, $27 million offer, I think they should make the offer. It would set Keuchel at $13.5 million. The Cubs could avoid being tied to Keuchel for the long-term, and it would give them a reliable lefty to replace Cole Hamels. Let’s see what Theo and company can swing as we roll towards the 2020 regular season.