Chicago Cubs could trade Kyle Schwarber to one of these teams

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The Kyle Schwarber trade rumors continue to abound this offseason. Which teams might be a good fit for the slugging left fielder from the Chicago Cubs?

As has been the case for a few years now, Kyle Schwarber continues to come up in trade rumors for the Chicago Cubs. 2019 was his fourth season in the major leagues (if we don’t count 2016, which was pretty much a loss after his season-ending injury during the first week of the season). Will this be the year that he is traded?

As the slugging left fielder is coming off a great second half, perhaps his trade value has never been higher. After the All-Star break in 2019, Schwarber launched 20 home runs and drove in 49 while putting up a tremendous .997 OPS. There are two ways to look at this. One is that he may finally be turning a corner after a disappointing last couple of seasons, and for that he may be worth holding onto.

Another way to look at it is that now would be the right time to trade him. 2020 will be his age 27 season, so some teams may believe that Schwarber is just starting to enter his prime and to take a chance on him. As we know, defense has always been a question mark, so if the Cubs were to trade him, it’s likely that it would be to an American League team so that he could be a designated hitter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that by trading Schwarber, the Cubs would dump approximately $8 million in projected salary, as Schwarber is arbitration-eligible. A Schwarber trade would not be a mere salary dump, however, as the team would likely get a good haul in return. That being said, it would make it that much easier for the team to go out and re-sign Nicholas Castellanos or to make another splash in free agency.

So, assuming Schwarber would go to the American League, what teams would be a good fit? Here we look at three teams that could make sense for Schwarber, along with what the Cubs might be able to get in return.