Chicago Cubs: Three possibilities for Nico Hoerner in 2020

Nico Hoerner / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
Nico Hoerner / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
(Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: Could this be the last time you see Hoerner in Cubbie blue?

While it’s always nice to grow your guys and have them succeed, one of the great things about the draft is that other guys often covet what you now have. If another team values Hoerner as full of upside and is willing to overpay for him, you can be sure that the Cubs will look into it at the least.

A package of Hoerner with lesser-known and lesser-talented prospects makes him the centerpiece of the deal, something the first guy in his draft class to reach the majors deserves whole-heartedly. Heck, Hoerner could even have more upside than someone like Ian Happ or even Kyle Schwarber because of his ability to play solid infield defense. Teams are always looking for a guy who plays excellent defense and can give you just a little bit on offense.

Other teams are also always looking for young kids with lots of team control at hand, as well as cheap pre-arbitration players. If the Whit Merrifield rumors are true once again, it stands to reason that Hoerner could be one of the players involved, and maybe not even the most prominent.

Even if the front office doesn’t want to part with a guy who looks like he could be a reliable or even possibly high all-around player going forward if the return is someone they know can play right now, the trigger might well be pulled during the winter.

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My gut is telling me that it would be stupid to move Hoerner at this point, given the fact we’ve already seen him succeed with some measure of success at the big league level in limited play. By trading him away or keeping him at Triple-A to start the season, the Cubs could be doing themselves a disservice. Regardless, I’m sure I speak for most fans when I say, “I don’t really who gets signed or traded as long as the Cubs are contenting.