Chicago Cubs David Ross will have influence on free agent targets

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(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs Ross will have a bearing on the free agents that come here. Can he make a difference in the matter?

The Chicago Cubs David Ross will have an immediate impact when the free agents lineup. The question? Will Ross be able to make it as a free agent class, or will he dry upon his initial setup? Who knows. But I, for one, am pulling for him. He’s a catcher, and I’m rooting for him…to a degree.

He was one that was in the office when the Chicago Cubs called up catcher Miguel Amaya, infielder Zack Short and pitchers Tyson Miller and Manuel Rodriguez to the add them to their 40-man roster — permanently protecting them from the Rule 5 Draft.

Theo Epstein has kept tabs on Ross. He’s known he has his eye on some good teams.

"“He’s been seeing the best teams in baseball quite a bit the last three years,” Epstein said, referencing Ross’ time with ESPN. (Subscription required)"

The Washington Nationals were ‘dead’ in the water. The New York Yankees because they were the cream of the crop because of all their injuries. And the Houston Astros, World Champs? Pffft.

"“He’s going to be the one trying to manage these players and make sure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so he should have a lot of say-so on the parts. We’re the ones who assemble the parts, so I’m sure he’ll want our opinion on how they fit together and what they envision. That’s the way healthy manager/front-office relationships function.”"

He has managed under the best of them. Joe Maddon, Terry Francona, Bobby Cox, Dusty Baker and Bruce Bochy, including a 15-year run as a catcher and the three years he’s done as an analyst. He knows the job. What you think about his experience is irrelevant. He’s capable.

He knows his American League counterparts are his biggest factor. Aaron Boone, Kevin Cash and Rocco Baldelli have the inside move on Ross. Dave Martinez could move in on them, but he was dead in the water unless he had his ‘rebirth.’ And it was dramatic at best. Bravo.

Next. Cubs add four more to Rule 5 protection. dark

It’s gone to be a big circle in terms of free agents. There they’ll be some successful ones…and there are also going to see, well, bombs if I can be honest. But if Ross can keep the positive over the negative, he’ll better be suited to take on the world. Or the baseball world, at that.

Ross has a few years to make a match. Three years with as option four a fourth. He needs to make it happen. I have faith…but still.