Chicago Cubs Rumors: Would you do this Kris Bryant deal to the Dodgers?

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Chicago Cubs Rumors: Why would the Dodgers do it?

If Lux and Verdugo are so great, why should the Dodgers give them up for Bryant, especially when Bryant would mean such a significant increase in payroll? Well, for the Dodgers, a payroll increase may not be as big of a concern as it is for the Cubs. Besides that, if they’re desperate enough to win in 2020, they may decide it’s worth gambling part of their future for an established, well above average offensive player.

If the Dodgers were to make this trade, it would be with their sights set on 2020 and nothing else. If Turner is serious about being willing to make a position change, perhaps he could slide over to second base, where he does have a little bit of major league experience, and allow Bryant to play third.

As for Verdugo, the Dodgers already have three established major league outfielders in Joc Pederson, A.J. Pollock, and MVP Cody Bellinger. Or, maybe the Dodgers could play Bryant in the outfield some, since Pederson is basically only valuable against right-handers, and play Kike Hernandez at second base. The Dodgers could also go out and acquire another second baseman.

The Dodgers would likely be interested in Bryant if they miss out on the big free agent names such as Rendon or Donaldson. Even so, Bryant is younger and would not be as big of a financial commitment as those two are certain to be, so they may decide it’s worth the cost of some prospects, Lux and Verdugo or otherwise.

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So, for all you Cubs fans out there, would you trade Kris Bryant for Gavin Lux and Alex Verdugo? Is that too little of a return? Just about right? Or, going beyond that, would the Cubs be robbing the Dodgers in such a trade?