Chicago Cubs should go young in trade acquisitions this offseason

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs could get younger while still being in position to contend in 2020. Here are three young players worth looking at via trade.

The Chicago Cubs have already been involved in a lot of trade rumors this offseason. Every day, it seems as if there’s a new destination possible for Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, or Willson Contreras. We’ve mentioned a few potential (albeit long-shot) blockbusters here. Even Craig Kimbrel‘s name has come up. Meanwhile, several starting pitching names have been mentioned as potential acquisitions, as have position players.

It seems as if almost anything is on the table if it would put the Cubs in a position to be more competitive in 2020 and beyond. Yet regardless of what happens, it appears that the team does not want to spend much money this offseason and may even be looking to shed payroll. If the goal is to get younger and cheaper while setting the team up for better long-term success, there may be some options out there. recently posted an article in which they identified one player from every team who could be traded. Some teams had well-established players listed (Schwarber was mentioned from the Cubs), while other teams had young talent named. If it’s young talent that the Cubs want, perhaps they could get some ideas from this article.

Here, we look at three names mentioned in the article and whether there could be a potential fit in a trade involving the Cubs. Each of the players listed is still young, yet there’s a good chance that they could be an impact player at the major league level in 2020. Whether the team actually considers any of these players depends on what direction the team wants to go in next year, and many of us still seem unsure of what that is.