Chicago Cubs: Free agent relievers the team could look at

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Chicago Cubs

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One of the biggest needs for the Chicago Cubs going forward is revamping the bullpen. The free agent market might have some answers for the team.

There is not a single Chicago Cubs fan who does not realize the bullpen is going to be one of the focus areas of this offseason. Least year the Cubs were among the leaders in blown saves and saw things get ugly right off the bat. Problems are easy to identify but solutions are not always so simple.

This is when Theo Epstein and company look at their options. Fixing the bullpen will require a combination of signings, trades and relying on some farm assets. Again, a very broad solution which will require a lot of work. Arguably one of the toughest jobs for a front office in baseball is building reliable bullpens every year because of how fickle relievers can be.

With that said there are some names on the market that could be brought in to help solidify the bullpen. One of the obvious goals for finding relievers should be getting some guys with more swing-and-miss stuff and/or better control. Both things that lacked last year. While some of the names are not particularly exciting there is reason to believe they could be potentially useful.

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