Chicago Cubs: Christian Yelich lights up Yu Darvish on Twitter

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Chicago Cubs: Darvish seems to be a very genuine and cerebral nice guy.

What happens from here is anyone’s guess. Yelich wasn’t very nice on twitter and Darvish responded the way he generally does on social media – with grace and dignity. The backers and supporters seem to be as varied and disparate as Yelich’s splits, with Cubs fans backing their guy and Brewer’s fans doing the same with few exceptions.

It will be interesting to see if anyone takes the time to go back through more of the Brewers’ games to see if anyone else looked out towards the bullpen in any other games. If what happened with the trash can-banging espionage is any indicator, several teams will probably be coming under fire for their own tomfoolery during the offseason.

In addition to more video footage possibly being uncovered, one has to also think about the fact that the Brewers and Cubs will be playing 19 times this coming season, with Darvish taking the mound in roughly 20 percent of those games depending on rotation scheduling. Does Darvish throw one behind Yelich in their first at bat? Probably not.

It’s much more likely he’ll take the high road and let his right arm do the talking – namely, attempt to strike out the left-hander the way he did most of his Brew Crew teammates this past season. But, but, but… nobody needs help facing Yu.

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While Yelich is undoubtedly a great player with or without sign-stealing antics, what a story this would become if more examples started popping up of the Brewers doing some more of this kind of thing.