Chicago Cubs: Christian Yelich lights up Yu Darvish on Twitter

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Chicago Cubs: Is it possible Yelich has been stealing signs?

With the explosive advancement in technology over the past 20 years has come some impressive technical prowess and abilities. However, despite that spike in technological ability, more primordial methods have also come under fire: garbage can banging, chirping, whistling, and bullpen positioning. Apparently, Yelich felt the need to look out to his bullpen during an at bat against Darvish and Bleacher Nation happened to find it– and Darvish took to twitter to merely explain what happened.

Yelich has always been a fine all-around player, but his move from sunny Florida to the domed home of Bernie the Brewer in Milwaukee sparked an exponential growth curve that culminated in an MVP trophy in 2018 and a runner-up finish this past season.

In his four-and-a-half seasons in Miami, Yelich produced a .290/.369/.432 slash line that looked promising for a player entering his prime. What he’s done in Milwaukee, however, is nothing short of Ruthian. His slash line has jumped across the board over the last two seasons in Wisconsin, as his .327/.415/.631 clearly illustrates.

Granted, a person could make the case that Yelich was just entering his prime and that a trade to a team that is actually, ya know – good at baseball – might have been just what the doctor ordered to improve tremendously. That said, the improvement isn’t incremental at all; it’s incredible.