Chicago Cubs: Christian Yelich lights up Yu Darvish on Twitter

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Chicago Cubs
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Amidst the controversy surrounding the Houston Astros cans, another controversy has sprung up between the Chicago Cubs and a rival.

Christian Yelich is a really good hitter. That much is undeniable. Chicago Cubs hurler Yu Darvish can also be a really good pitcher. That is also undeniable by even the biggest of cynics and pessimists.

You might ask why any of this matters, but unless you’ve been living under a rock or staying off Twitter like the plague, you probably already know the answer. While the Astros are on the hot-seat due to their possible use of video camera to steal signs, it stands to reason that some other teams could possibly be doing the same thing.

In fact, it seems more likely than not that there may be some other teams and players who just might be coming under some scrutiny in the weeks and months ahead for sign-stealing shenanigans.

One such player and team is Yelich and the Milwaukee Brewers. However, according to Yelich’s disparaging tweet aimed at Darvish yesterday, there’s no need to even try and figure out what Darvish is throwing ahead of time because he’s just not that good and no one would even need any extra help hitting the big right-hander.

Darvish did try to defend his original tweet by saying he wasn’t actually claiming any wrongdoing, just explaining what had happened in the video when he stepped off the rubber. Yelich, on the other hand, decided to be curt and disrespectful with his response.