Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein learning from Dave Dombrowski’s failures

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For all intents and purposes, there is a bit of a new tone with which Chicago Cubs brass are approaching this offseason – a breath of fresh air for the club.

Past winters have been marked with a sense of urgency in terms of putting a winning product on the field at nearly any and all costs. Recently, however, an exorbitant payroll and consistent disappointments have led to more timidity from the Chicago Cubs front office.

Now the theme, according to The Athletic is: “extending the window of contention” (subscription required). Instead of retaining pieces that, back in 2016, were vital to Chicago’s future, there is a very real chance that members of the young core could be out the door this winter.

We’ve already heard rumors involving two-time All-Star catcher Willson Contreras and former National League MVP Kris Bryant. I mean, we’ve even heard very loose discussions on social media about the team dumping payroll in a Craig Kimbrel deal (although those, to this point, are unsubstantiated).

Is it possible that ownership is wary of recent internal failures of teams such as the Boston Red Sox and former president Dave Dombrowski?