Chicago Cubs should target Zack Wheeler in free agency

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Will the money be available for such a move?

I think there is enough of an argument to be made about Wheeler is a very valuable player for any team. The question now is what price would Wheeler come at? Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts on 670 the Score recently expressed his financial and organizational concerns about the luxury tax, which points to another offseason with a limited budget.

While not set in stone, the chances are he will not accept a one-year qualifying offer seem less than likely, but we will know for sure within a few days. Had Wheeler been in this position in 2017 with just a small sample size of pitching after Tommy John, his value would considerably smaller with the recent injury and unknowns of what his post-surgery performance would be. This is not a “taking a waiver on him” type of move by any means. He is in a position in which he has proved his worth as a pitcher even after missing two seasons.

In terms of just fitting on the team, he would fit very nicely in the middle of the rotation. Giving the group an arm that can throw harder and miss bats would be ideal. It puts less pressure on the defense and cuts down chances for BABIP misfortune. Outside Darvish, the current rotation relies on a lot of contact outs and grinding away which while can be effective, got them into some trouble last year.

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There would be a decently-sized commitment to obtain a Zack Wheeler. With so many different things that can happen this offseason, getting a guy like him could become either easier or harder depending on financial moves.