Chicago Cubs: Three years later, the memories are just as emotional

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Rain washes away decades of disappointment

And after the Cubs and Cleveland Indians split the first six games of that World Series, it all came down to that night: Everything I had dreamed of as a fan would ride on this one game. It was as nerve-wracking as a game could be: A lifetime of emotions rolled up into four hours and 28 minutes.

There was the Dexter Fowler home run to lead off the game. There were the two rallies that opened up a 5-1 lead. There was Joe Maddon‘s decision to pull Kyle Hendricks early in favor of Jon Lester, who would give up two runs on a wild pitch. And there was the David Ross home run that gave the Cubs a 6-3 lead late.

It led up to a moment that almost became one of the most devastating of my life: the Rajai Davis home run that tied the game in the eighth. The Cubs were able to get the game to extra innings before the rain came. It was almost as if God would not let either one of these long-suffering franchises end their drought. It may have only lasted for 17 minutes, but it felt like hours.