Chicago Cubs: Top 3 signs Kris Bryant will be gone next season

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Chicago Cubs: Grievance hearing is the beginning of the end

If Bryant wants to leave because the Cubs pulled a fast one on him to get another season of play out of him, then I agree with him. Bryant started the 2015 season in the minors and was called up in April.

This little “oversight” by the Chicago Cubs, would keep Bryant a Cub until 2021. If Bryant would have reported just one day earlier to the big leagues, he would be going into free agency in 2020. That’s another reason why the former Rookie of the Year is upset.

The MLB Player’s Association filed a grievance along with Bryant and are to meet with the Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball to discuss a way forward. I would bet all my ‘Skyway Dogs’ that Bryant is going to get a favorable outcome to his grievance and be a free agent next year.

Then, the Cubs are going to offer him some ungodly amount of money. Last year the Cubs offered Bryant $200 million and he turned it down! So where could the Cubs go from there? They will have to do better than $200 million and it just won’t be fiscally feasible for the way the Cubs are situated now. Either way, I don’t think there is any dollar amount that could make Bryant stay.

So when you take into account that Bryant may be looking outside the club and he’s going to be a free agent next season and he hasn’t been happy for some unknown reason, than it’s pretty clear that the filing of this grievance is a sign that Bryant is done with the Chicago Cubs.