Chicago Cubs are currently the crown jewel of Chicago sports

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: This is as good as it gets in Chicago sports

They also have youngsters who give the club flexibility, and even some emerging stars loaded with potential. The farm system isn’t what it was in 2015 or 2016, but how could it be with the MLB talent the system has graduated, many of whom have blossomed into All-Star caliber players.

With a few tweaks and some key additions around the periphery and fringe of the ball club, the Cubs will once again be back in the playoffs in 2020. And, in baseball, you just need an invitation to the ball to have a chance with the prince…er city… er in the playoffs.

Get your pumpkins ready – it’s not just Halloween for Cubs fans – it’s also time for another ball in 2020 and the Cubs are looking to be a more mature, sophisticated, and ultimately different kind of Cinderella. They’re already Chicago’s most attractive princess at the moment.

With another couple trips to the playoffs and possibly even another trip to the World Series, the Cubs could continue to be the best franchise in the Windy City – let’s just hope fans don’t take this run of success for granted without the gift of hindsight.

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Just look at what has happened to the once mighty Blackhawks, Bulls or even the Dodgers and Yankees in MLB. Success and trophies aren’t a given, so be thankful for what you have.