Chicago Cubs are currently the crown jewel of Chicago sports

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Despite a disappointing finish in 2019, the Chicago Cubs still boast the best recent and potential future success amongst the major sports teams in Chicago.

If you could take a time machine back to January of 2015, you’d find the Chicago Blackhawks were the talk of the town in the midst of a great run of success in one of the best sports cities in America. However, over the past five seasons, a new belle of the ball has emerged on the Chicago sports scene – one who had been long relegated to “lovable, but unimpressive stepsister.”

Granted, the Chicago Cubs weren’t the ugly stepsister, but they had to struggle for loyalty and love while splitting their billing in baseball with their counterparts on the South Side. They also had to overcome the city being a football town that also had seen much greater runs of success from their respective basketball and hockey teams.

With such a rich tradition of success and popularity among many of the varied franchises, the Cubs certainly had their work cut out for them just five years ago. Fast forward to today, and the Blackhawks haven’t made it out of the first round of playoffs since their Stanley Cup in 2015.

The Bulls, who had all the makings of another great run with the Derrick Rose-led bunch, fell on tough times as Rose became a shell of his former self following catastrophic knee injuries.

The Sox haven’t even had a winning season in seven years. Da Bears, while teasing all of Chicago with a great run last season led by (of course) a defense reminiscent of Buddy Ryan‘s squads, looks to be falling apart because of yet another failed quarterback.