Chicago Cubs are looking for a new team identity from their next manager

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Can teamwork rescue the Cubs?

Anyone who watched Epstein’s press conference came away from it sure about one thing: he spent a lot of time trying not to black-ball former manager Joe Maddon’s technique or coaching style. Epstein spent many minutes tripping over himself to be polite to Maddon’s legacy, which truth be told, is substantial.

However, fans know if the guy was perfect, he would still have the job. Epstein tried his best to deflect any negative deductions by reporters that Maddon hadn’t performed to the Cubs-standard, while focusing on the things a new manager would have to do.  Epstein talked more about how he saw his new teamwork focus being implemented during the recent season-ending press conference:

“I think it’s important for this group that we find time to work as a team; that we find time to assemble as a team; find ways to deliver messages to the team so that there can be a greater sense of team identity and purpose for this group, I think that’s something we need,” Epstein explained.

Of course this does make it sound like the Cubs were a bit disorganized in getting information to players and being generally organized as a team.  Epstein is hoping that building that unity of effort will help foster teamwork.

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Making formations to get the word out? Assemble and train together? It may sound a little militaristic but Epstein won’t mind if it gets the job done.

Epstein’s current focus: finding a general to lead the North(siders).