Chicago Cubs: Top five moments from this season

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Chicago Cubs: I want you! Not you, Hurdle!

The Pirates and Cubs have had their fair share of controversial and exhilarating moments over the last few seasons, whether it’s the Chris Coghlan slide that took out Jung Ho Kang, the ball Schwarber hit off Gerrit Cole into the Allegheny during the 2015 Wild Card Game or the famous Joe Maddon swim-move in an attempt to go after Bucs’ manager Clint Hurdle.

Let’s face it – the Pirates had more than a few run-ins with the Cubs and other teams during the Hurdle era in Pittsburgh. Heck, Pittsburgh’s own players have had their own run-ins with one another. This controversy stems from the fact that Hurdle and pitching coach Ray Searage have made no bones about pitching up-and-in or even hitting guys when balls get away. Just ask Yasiel Puig and the Reds. Or David Bote. Or Javier Baez. The Pirates just don’t seem to care who they hit or come close to hitting.

On the Fourth of July, Joe Maddon had enough of the nonsense from the Pirates, challenging Hurdle from across the field in the other dugout.  Maddon then proceeded to call him a scalawag and told him to go swab the poop deck. Or something like that…

While the Cubs were winning at the time and ended up winning the game, the fireworks from Maddon trying to half-heartedly get by umpire Joe West to go after Hurdle were by far the most exciting part of the game. Just another great moment from the best manager most of us have ever seen in the Cubs dugout. We’ll miss you, Joe.