Chicago Cubs: What will next year’s roster look like?

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Chicago Cubs: What are the chances someone here gets traded?

You could make a case for any of the players pictured above being traded this offseason, and many already have. Former MVP Kris Bryant, who many think won’t sign an extension and won’t be brought back after 2021, has been the subject of numerous trade ideas so far.

Fiery backstop Willson Contreras has also been brought up because of his potential and also his lack of pitch-framing ability as compared to Victor Caratini. Once-beloved defensive specialist Albert Almora has fallen from grace and doesn’t even seem to be a great defender at times anymore after a huge gaffe in a crucial moment down the stretch for the Cubs.

Less likely to be traded are Jason Heyward, who no one probably wants at $23.5 million for next year (and beyond) and Javier Baez, who is probably the most coveted of the Cubs assets because of his offensive, defensive, and intangible potential. While Heyward would be tough to shop without eating a ton of money, Baez could be shopped for a return haul, but it would leave a huge hole in the middle of the infield.

There is also the possibility that Ian Happ might get shopped, although it’s unclear how much other clubs would be willing to send back for a guy who spent most of the season at AAA and then came back and raked in the last month of the season. Happ has a ton of potential and could blossom given a full season of time somewhere, but teams may be hesitant to give up much for a guy who doesn’t have a real position and has been inconsistent so far in the majors.

If the Cubs wanted to go the Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg route, you could also see them shop Jose Quintana after picking up his option. If anyone would be interested in Tyler Chatwood as a starter, he could be traded as well, but it’s doubtful anyone would take that risk without the Cubs eating some of his $13 million salary.

With every player technically available at the right cost, who might be someone the Cubs would target in the offseason in exchange for some of the guys listed above?