Chicago Cubs: Let’s all just pump the brakes on trading Kris Bryant

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Chicago Cubs: Buckle up – it’s going to be a rumor-filled offseason

MLB insider Jon Morosi chatted with 670 AM WSCR earlier in the week and set Twitter ablaze, opining the Cubs would talk to the Texas Rangers this offseason about either Bryant or backstop Willson Contreras.

"“I would say Texas’ farm system is solid, not great, but it’s good enough. They got some young pitching there, which is what the Cubs need. … I think that’s a really really good potential fit there. I think better on (Willson) Contreras than Bryant, but either one makes some sense.”"

That, coupled with Epstein’s very general, completely reasonable comments in his end-of-season presser seems to have been too much for a lot of Cubs fans out there. My mother-in-law, who is a casual fan, texted me wondering if the team would really break up Bryzzo – and how life could possibly continue if such a travesty were allowed to take place. Because from what she’d heard, this was a done deal.

Of course, Cubs fans are now notorious for their ‘what have you done for me lately’ mentality. So you have a portion of the camp with my mother-in-law, ready to dress in black for weeks in mourning of losing KB – then you have the opposing camp who believe (for whatever half-cooked reason) that he’s overrated and soft because of the fact he rolled his ankle and missed the season’s final stretch as the Cubs faded into oblivion.