Chicago Cubs: Who will be making the most money in 2020?

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Chicago Cubs: Hard to believe this is year five of Heyward

Jason Heyward signed the eight-year, $184 million deal in December of 2015. The finale of the 2019 season will officially mark the halfway point of the contract. Money is guaranteed and currently has a modified no-trade clause through 2020 until it becomes a full no-trade clause the year after.

Have the overall numbers justified roughly $23 million a year? No. That is however not to say he has not made positive impacts for the team. He will finish the season with 20+ homers, a .340+ OBP and roughly .770 OPS. His multiple Gold Gloves in Chicago certainly don’t go unnoticed, either. Let’s face it though he is making A LOT of money.

Next season he will earn $23.5 million, which right now is set to be the most on the team. His base salary will be $21 million with the $2.5 million signing bonus on top of that. If he somehow were to get traded this offseason, no doubt the Cubs would have to eat a chunk of the cash but for right now count on Heyward suiting up in blue next year.