Chicago Cubs: Top five reasons to still watch this weekend’s series

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Chicago Cubs: The number one reason to watch the Cubs versus the Cardinals

1.    If you are a true Chicago Cubs fan, than you will most likely be watching to the very end. Whether that means the end of Maddon or key Cubs players, a true fan continues to support the team because of loyalty. There are many folks out there that have been watching the Cubs their whole life and the recent spurt of good news in 2016 has been a wild ride or dream that old loyal fans knew would end eventually.

We’re the Cubs, we’re supposed to give everyone a hard time and make things hard on the Division winner but are not supposed to be in the postseason. These years have been special because that’s not our normal and if we ever are good enough again to make a run, it will be special again.

I predict that many of the bandwagon fans of the Cubs are going to drop off this season, especially if Epstein gets rid of Maddon. Maddon has been the symbol of breaking the curse and finding a way to win.

Once the Cubs began winning in 2015 and 2016, fans jumped onto the Cubs 108 year drought record for the chance at the ultimate party. They’ve been back since 2016, looking for that rush, but this year they may move their allegiances to the Milwaukee Brewers, Cardinals, Washington Nationals or even the New York Yankees because they want to follow a winner and if Maddon leaves, it’s almost like giving up or admitting this run is over.

It’s okay with me if these bandwagon fans jump ship before next season or decide to follow the 2019 World Series Championship team (for the party), because they were really never loyal Cubs fans anyway.

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The number one reason to watch the Chicago Cubs take on the St. Louis Cardinals is that we’re loyal fans and stick with our team through the good and the bad. Will it be, ‘Everyone in’ or ‘Anyone here?’