Chicago Cubs: Top five reasons to still watch this weekend’s series

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Chicago Cubs: And now a word from Cubs President

2.    The second best reason to watch the Cubs take on the Cardinals is that the Cubs President of baseball operations, Theo Epstein may be making some early moves with the team. Now that the season is essentially done and the Cubs are out of contention, Epstein is free to begin moving players around the board.

I believe he has more respect for Maddon than to let him go before or even during the series. If Epstein is planning on another season with Maddon than he may wait to offer him a contract until the postseason begins. However, the odds are against the aging coach getting another season with the Cubs. News around baseball is that Epstein is more likely to let Maddon go and it could just happen right in front of our eyes.

Epstein may be quiet about players during the upcoming series in the Cardinals home but chances are that with all the speculation about why the Cubs tanked at the end of the season, Epstein is going to be addressing the media quite regularly.

There will be some commentary from Epstein; whether it be talking points about what happened this season or Epstein’s true thoughts, he will most likely not pass up the chance to use his time to address fans’ concerns. The second best reason to watch the Cubs versus Cardinals, is to see what Epstein might say or do during the series.